Discover Aboriginal Australia


You can now deeply connect with Australia and see the country through the eyes of its first inhabitants with experiences from the Indigenous Tourism Champions collective.


The collective of inspiring Aboriginal experiences offers diversity and engagement bound to leave a lasting impression. With over 50 members in the collective delivering 180+ experiences Australia-wide, these transformational experiences have been carefully selected as some of Australia’s very best. 

Every part of Australia is Aboriginal country, and every part of the country has a series of stories and experiences unique to that place. 

As custodians of the world’s most ancient living culture, Indigenous Australians have a continuous history that stretches back more than 50,000 years. Their story is linked to the birth of the Australian continent and its ancient landscapes.


Aboriginal Australia emphasizes spirituality, custodianship of the land and the connections between all things.  The modern Australian landscape records with every stone the Ancestor Spirits’ long journeys. These travels form the basis for the ‘Dreaming stories’ that are still told today. By learning about Indigenous Australian culture, you’ll arrive at a better understanding of Aboriginal people and the ancient land they inhabit. 


Whether you're in a city, traveling the outback, or enjoying a coastal holiday, you can certainly find ways to connect with the world’s oldest living culture. 


Importantly all experiences are guided by Aboriginal people who share personal stories about their own country and connection to place, bringing the landscape to life. Aboriginal guides are warm and welcoming. They’re often keen to share their story ... and known for their sense of humor.

The Indigenous Tourism Champions collective offers an exciting array of accommodation, activities and tours ... with options to taste bush tucker, experience the healing powers of nature, discover breathtaking scenery, ancient rock art galleries, meet artists, or take an art workshop yourself to gain a first-hand insight into the creation of contemporary Aboriginal art.

To further assist in flavoring itineraries with these Aboriginal experiences, you can also view the Indigenous Tourism Champions Fact Sheet detailing information on each of the experiences.

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