Tips for Saving $ 'Down-Under' : Part 2

In the previous blog we suggested 5 ways to save money while travelling in Australia. Here we've jotted down five more ways to make the most of your dollars.

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6. Consider sharing a ride on a long road trip :

From Alice Springs to Darwin, a 3-day journey of 1,000 miles can cost you only $60 per head if you share your ride using Gumtree or Coseats. Many tourists and locals share their ride to save on fuel costs ... and for fun conversation on the way.

BTW, if you're getting your own transport try to plan ahead and get the tanks full on Wednesday, as the price of fuel seems lowest mid-week. On weekends fuel prices creep up due to demand.

7. Look for free internet :

Budget-conscious travelers may find fast internet painfully expensive in Australia, and the network frustratingly slow. If you don't mind 'getting-what-you-pay-for', head towards the nearest library or McDonalds for free Wi-Fi . Telstra also offers public hotspots in many town centres across the country ... now including both Darwin and Noosa. Be aware that public WiFi is not secure, and 'free' networks often come with time or download restrictions. 

Telstra customers can get this Wi-Fi access for 'free' by purchasing a pre-paid SIM. Packages start from $30 AUD per month.

8. Try drinking Goon :

The infamous Goon or box wine is the best way to get a cheap buzz. A 'box' of goon typically costs $13 AUD.

If you're going to a restaurant, check if they allow outside drink. In many restaurants, you can bring your own drink.

9. Book your tours as a package :

Booking trip activities as a part of a package may get you discounts. While booking activities individually may make them private ... it may cost you more.

10. Refill your water bottle :

Tap water is clean and safe to drink in Australia. So instead of spending 2-3 AUD for each bottle, refill the existing one from nearby public taps. You'll also 'do-your-bit' for the environment.

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