What are 5 common characteristics of travelers to Australia?

Without any doubt, potential travelers first develop a bond with the country to which they will travel.

That said, every traveler is unique ... and then very particular about their travel experiences in Australia.

Admittedly, based on anecdotal experience with our North American clients, five common characteristics applying to leisure travelers to Australia (... beyond carrying a passport):

1. They’re generally experienced international travelers. i.e. Australia tends NOT to be their first travel foray.

2. What makes client itineraries so similar is that all travelers are so different. While climbing Sydney’s Harbor Bridge, marveling at the Opera House, shopping and dining in Melbourne, diving the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying an Uluru Sounds of Silence outback dinner, savoring South Australia, indulging Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and Western Australia get plenty of well-deserved play, what makes all itineraries so similar, is that they’re all so different!  

Specific requests as diverse as ‘… can we abseil in the Blue Mountains? …’ to ‘… can I experience the Great Barrier Reef without getting my hair wet? …’ attest to the differences. (BTW, the answers to both questions are YES, and YES).

3. Most clients are very well informed, and know what they want. However, a common complaint is that while online information maybe very plentiful, accessing seemingly unbiased info is now akin to ‘drinking-from-a-fire-hose’.

4. Most travelers are open to experiences we may suggest. Many look for unique itineraries and won’t hesitate to plan 'outside-the-box'.

5. Primary motivations are unique. Some travelers wish to relax at the beach, some come for a musical tour, some to indulge in food and wine, some to experience adventure and wildlife ...

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