10 ways to indulge and explore the Great Barrier Reef

There are many ways to explore the world’s largest living thing visible from space. The Great Barrier Reef is a hub for luxury resorts and activities. Many people tend to stay away fearing an intimidating price tag ... It certainly doesn’t have to be this way and in fact, any budget is catered to.  You can certainly head up into the clouds to see the reef from the air, cruise around some islands, or merely take a trip to the Reef HQ Aquarium to enjoy a reef experience.

Choose your very own adventure from these 10 ways to indulge and explore the Great Barrier Reef.

1.       SNORKEL

Snorkeling is certainly the coolest, cheapest and most popular way to have close-up contact with the Great Barrier Reef. Mask on your eyes, snorkel in your mouth and a pair of flippers on your feet and you’re ready for an aqua adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Get an underwater camera to take home some photos to make your friends jealous.

2.       SEAWALKER

You can enjoy Sea Walker at two specially equipped pontoons - one at Green Island and the other at Sunlover's base. With a spaceman’s helmet on your head, stepping beneath the waves, and keeping your head and face dry whilst getting stunned by the fish-life around is another name of Seawalking.

3.       SCUBA DOO

The next level of the Seawalker concept is called Scuba Doo that gives you the freedom to explore the reefs at speed of up to 2.5 knots whilst staying dry inside the 180-degree viewing window. One will literally feel like piloting a submarine without actually getting in one!


For some travelers, scuba diving is the ultimate way to explore the secrets and beauty of the reef. There are great operators all along the Great Barrier Reef, servicing some of the best dive sites in the world. You can also opt for lessons provided by many operators. Reach out to us if you wish a recommendation based on your needs.

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This really is the ultimate in exploring the Great Barrier Reef. You can select to stay between 3 and 14 nights and embark to the deep waters of the Outer Great Barrier Reef. Dive Expeditions will take you to swim with whales, feed sharks and visit some of the most impeccable coral reefs on offer.


If you don’t like to get your hair wet but still want to witness the marvelous largest living organism, you can always opt for glass-bottom boat tours. The marine professionals who drive them will paddle you over shallow reefs looking for turtles, pointing out the different corals, giant clams and everything else they find.

7.       SUBMARINE

From Cairns, Fitzroy Island is home to a great submarine adventure on the Great Barrier Reef. Leaving the sandy beaches behind, balance as though you’re diving and gaze through the fish-eye windows as coral bommies, the turtles and shoals of fish pass by.


Only from the air can you understand the vastness of the Great Barrier Reef. No wonder it can be seen from space!

Strap yourself in, put your headphones on and whisk up into the air. Landing on an isolated coral cay surrounded by the ocean and a million fish is a truly indulgent affair.

9.       SEAPLANE

If you’re visiting the Whitsundays and want an adventure, then why not climb into the cabin of an Air Whitsundays seaplane, and satisfy an aerial reef adventure.

A day trip will take you over the 74 islands of the Whitsundays, stop-over at Whitehaven Beach for a stroll before flying over the world-famous Heart Reef. Bring your camera.

10.   SAIL

If, you’d rather enjoy the wind and spray of the ocean on your face, then sailing on the Great Barrier Reef has to be your call. With the main sail tight in the breeze, an expectant fishing line over the stern and a glass of champagne in hand; you have to try a bare-boat charter if this lures your inner self.

If you don’t think you’re up to the job of taking control of a charter boat, there are plenty of skippers who’ll wheel for you.

It’ll take some time and bucks to check them all off the list, but by the end you’ll have some of the best dinner party stories in the world! 

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