Gadgets that deserve to go along for a trip to Australia

To travel light is to travel free.

Although we don’t usually intend to travel with bags packed with redundant ‘junk’, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which device to leave at home.  It reminds me of how as a child I was forced to choose only one of my beloved toys when traveling. Now as an adult, I tend to leave my more expensive and heavy ‘toys’ (read gadgets and electronic devices) at home, as my iPhone and iPad seem very capable of performing most necessary tasks.

However, you may wish to carry gadgets other than these two as your travel companions on an Australian travel experience:

·         If you want to take great photos, a mini camera tripod that is light, sturdy, stable and easy-to-use should be on your packing list. We recommend the Joby Gorillapod as it only takes a few seconds to slide in the camera and start shooting.

·         Unless you are a professional photographer, you really don’t need to carry heavy cameras nor lenses. I carry the Canon Eos 100d as a handy, on the-go, lightweight camera with which to take great shots.

·         Camera memory cards and USB flash drives are still always handy and great if you wish to store your personal docs and photos. I carry Sandisk memory cards of varied storage capacity and 2 or 3 USB drives.

·         If undertaking a long road trip in Australia, it’s a good idea to have spare batteries for your electronic device/s. You can’t always rely only on your portable battery charger … so; carry a spare battery pack.

·         We suggest travelling with a tablet (I carry an iPad Mini) … oh, and noise cancelling headphones lest a baby starts crying behind you on board. BTW, I don’t recommend carrying fancy earbuds – just another valuable item to lose. The earbuds that came with your smart-phone will be just fine!

·         BTW, Seagate’s Wireless portable hard drive is so worth stowing in your carry-on luggage as it can stream movies to your iPad via its own Wi-Fi network.

·         A Waterproof case for your smartphone assures you of worry-free travel during your Australia trip.

·         Don’t forget to pack an international travel adapter ideally allowing charging your camera and ‘phone at the same time.

·         If you need to stay connected, a Telstra 4GB Wi-Fi Dongle provides a great pre-paid internet connection. We recommend Telstra as it seems to give the best coverage throughout Australia.


Jonathan Campbell

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