Tips for Packing for your trip to Australia

Packing need not be a challenging part of your trip ‘down under’, and, if you know the basics of Australia’s baggage allowances and stick to a list, packing for your travel adventures should be a ‘walk-in-the-park’.

Checked Baggage allowances for Australia:

·         Tip 1:  Generally, most airlines (including Qantas and Virgin Australia) allow you to check up to 50lbs luggage per person (in economy class). However, Emirates allow 65 lbs, while Jet-Star and Tiger-Air allow 45lbs and 35 lbs respectively.

·         Tip 2: To avoid excess baggage charges make sure that your check-in bags comply with your airlines’ check-in rules.

Hand luggage allowance and restrictions for Australia:

·         Tip 1: Hand-luggage weight allowance for most domestic Australian airlines is 15 lbs. Although many carriers don’t actually seem to check the weight, size is indeed important.

·         Tip 2:  The standard maximum size for hand-luggage is 55x35x25 cm.

·         Tip 3: Today, Australian domestic flights require that you to pack liquids into transparent plastic bags, as in Europe, UK and North America. Put your liquids (with max. 100 ml per bottle and a total maximum of 1 liter) together in transparent plastic bags. On some transfer flights, even bottled drinks you’ve purchased after security may not be allowed into the cabin. As far as I know, Australia is the only country to have this strict liquid allowance rule.

·         Tip 4: If you need to take medicines with you we suggest that you carry a medical certificate supporting your condition.

·         Tip 5: You’re NOT allowed to take any type of food into Australia - especially fruits and veggies, dairy products and any meats – although you can take food supplements and chocolates.

·         Tip 6: It’s safe to pack your laptop into your hand-luggage, and lately I’ve noticed that some airlines have started accepting separate laptop bags.

What can you take in your hand-luggage?

There are three main categories of items to pack in your hand-luggage as allowed travel accessories for Australia.

·         Your travel essentials: You can carry earplugs, a scarf, a toothbrush, hairbrush, moisturizers, lip balm, eye drops ... Personally, I never get on a flight without my iPad (complete with a downloaded book I’ve not yet gotten around to reading), my boarding passes, some music and noise-canceling earphones, a pen, warm socks, a water bottle, and an eye mask … oh, and my passport and charger.

·         Electronics and valuables: These items probably belong in your hand-luggage.

·         Food for flight: Personally, I think airline food gets an ‘unwarranted bad rap’, but if you wish, you CAN pack your own food. Ask security officers if you have any doubts. Please remember, that given Australia’s strict food quarantine regulations, you’ll need to eat everything you bring on board - or be forced to place it in the quarantine bins on landing.

I hope you’ll find this blog helpful while planning and packing luggage for your Australia trip. 

Jonathan Campbell

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