Five Reasons to Visit Broken Hill

While Broken Hill may not yet be featured as a destination in every 'down-under' itinerary, it's recently been awarded one of Australia’s rare National Heritage listings.

Broken Hill owes its origin to a young German boundary rider who discovered a rich ore body, later known as the Line of Lode. The town is encircled by the hills of the Barrier Ranges and it was exactly in these broken hills that one of the world's richest silver-lead-zinc ore bodies was discovered. Ever since mining has been an important part of the Silver City's economy.

Today, Broken Hill is booming heritage town in the far west of New South Wales. Stay a couple of days and explore the city and its surroundings before heading off to Silverton, Corner Country, Menindee Lakes and the Darling River.

The beauty of the outback landscapes, the magic of colors, glowing sunsets and deep blue skies, have attracted artists, photographers, and travelers, to stay in this major center in New South Wales' far west.

But, is that National Heritage listings award reason enough to make the journey?

Yes ... but here are our five other reasons to visit Broken Hill:

  1.   Perfect Landscapes

From lush wetlands and lakes to spectacular flat topped plateaus and shimmering desert plains, Broken Hill has a magnificent range of diverse landscapes to discover and reconnoiter. Many film-makers have been drawn here by the vibrant colors and perfect light. It has a power-packed punch of dark, red soil contrasting with clear blue skies. An amazing light show at night comes after the wonders of the day.

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2.    The Locals

The locals here always seem happy to greet tourists from “away”. In fact, they love it when people come to visit this heritage town ... of which they seem very proud.

3.  The Palace Hotel

Made famous by 'Priscilla; Queen of the Desert', The Palace is a heritage-listed hotel positioned in the heart of the Silver City. Built in 1889, the building’s colorful history is echoed in its exceptional and eclectic style ... with colorful murals by indigenous artist Gordon Waye adorning the interiors. Downstairs there’s an iconic outback pub. Upstairs, excellent accommodation for any budget ... including the famous Priscilla suite. It's a world-renowned landmark and a great watering hole any day. BTW, Palace Hotel’s cast iron porch is classified by the National Trust as the longest in NSW.

4.  The Living Desert and Sculptures off Nine-Mile Road

The Living Desert Reserve in the Barrier Ranges, located just out of Broken Hill features twelve striking sandstone pieces rejoicing the connection between environment and art. They offer stunning panoramic views of Broken Hill’s skyline, particularly at sunset.

A walking trail starting from the sanctuary car park takes you to the sculpture site. Check out the Fauna Sanctuary while there. The Fauna Sanctuary is enclosed by a predator-proof fence, and with paths that encourage visitors to experience and better understand the region’s Aboriginal heritage.

5. The Desert Golf Course

It's one of the best desert courses in Australia. The tournament course is cut out of a natural waterway and may be challenging to we amateurs ... but the views are spectacular. 

Jonathan Campbell

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