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Aussie Trip Advisor hand-crafts Australian travel itineraries to create your perfect trip. We work with you to design great, tailor-made Aussie travel experiences. From the preparation of a bespoke journey 'down-under', to the provision of visas and other travel related services, we strive to offer you a uniquely personalized vacation.

Aussie Trip Advisor was founded by Jonathan Campbell, who was born in Adelaide, grew up in rural South Australia, graduated from college in Melbourne, lived in Sydney, London and Los Angeles with Tourism Australia, before marrying his long-term love and settling in New York.


What we do

Aussie Trip Advisor hand-crafts your perfect Australian travel experience on a fee-for-service basis.

Just as soon as your itinerary preparation fee is received, Aussie Trip Advisor will begin hand-crafting your very own Australian travel adventures.


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